Set of Cacao teas

Set of Cacao teas

This set of cacao tea is perfect for someone that likes chocolate and wants something special in a tea. 


You will be getting two teas in the post. One chocolate mint and One hibiscus flavour cacao teas for £17.60


The teas contain no artificial colors or preservatives. Only natural simply ingredients are dehydrated and used in the making of the teas.


The teas can keep up to more than a year but it is highly recommended to keep in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight.


It is highly recommend you enjoy your tea without any sugar, honey or sweetners. The teas are made with natural ingredients that I dehydrated myself (Fruits, Leaves and Flowers)


Free from gluten, peanut, eggs, grain and soy


Suitable for vegans and vegetarians



    Loose Cacao Hibiscus Tea - Ingredients - Cacao shell, Cacao nibs, hibiscus, lemon, orange, raspberry, raspberry leaves, black berry, black berry leaves, green apples and red apples.

    Loose Chocolate Mint Tea - Ingredients: Husk of Cacao beans, Cacao nibs, Chocolate Mint, Mint, Calendula and Marrow.