Draw String Bag With Chocolate And Tea Gift Set

Draw String Bag With Chocolate And Tea Gift Set

Handmade Dark chocolate and Cacao Tea set with two flavours - [Hibiscus and Chocolate Mint] and Cocoa Beans in a bottle.


 The dark chocolate and cacao tea gift set is high in cocoa and will be ideal as a gift for someone who likes dark chocolate and is conscious about sugar. It could also be bought as a personal treat.

The cacao tea is perfect for someone that likes chocolate and wants something special


    Loose Cacao Hibiscus Tea - Ingredients - Cacao shell, Cacao nibs, hibiscus, lemon, orange, raspberry, raspberry leaves, black berry, black berry leaves, green apples and red apples.

    It is highly recommend you enjoy your tea without any sugar, honey or sweetners. The teas are made with natural ingredients that I dehydrated myself (Fruits, Leaves and Flowers)

    Loose Chocolate Mint Tea - Ingredients: Husk of Cacao beans, Cacao nibs, Chocolate Mint, Mint, Calendula and Marrow.

    Festive Chocolate bar ingredients: Cocoa beans, Cocoa butter, Unrefined Cane Sugar, Dates, Toasted Coconut, Cranberries, Pecan and Hazelnuts.

    Coffee and Cocoa nibs Chocolate Bar: Cocoa beans, Cocoa butter, Unrefined Cane Sugar, Dates, Coffee and Cocoa nibs.

    The teas contain no artificial colors or preservatives. Only natural simply ingredients are dehydrated and used in the making of the teas. The teas can keep up to more than a year but it is highly recommended to keep in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight.

    I am so sorry but during this busy season, I will try to include the flavor of the chocolate you choose, otherwise it is dependent on stock. Thank you for your understanding.

    BUT kindly specify in the contact section if you want a specific chocolate bar flavour. Thank you once again


    Hand made drawstring bag from natural 100% cotton.

    Size( W x H) 20cm x 25cm. Handwash and machine wash.

    Test tubes with cocoa beans in it is made from glass with wooden cork.

    This can be recycled to put love notes around the house for a special someone.

    Tea Tin can be recycled after use to put little bits and bobs in it.

    Cotton Bag can be used again after Christmas.