Cacao Mint Tea (Loose Tea)

Cacao Mint Tea (Loose Tea)

A  mix of chocolate mint leaves, shell of cacao beans, calendula, and marrow for a blend that is perfect after meals. It helps soothes gas and elimininate bad breath.  Can be served hot or as a cold brew with ice.


    Each Cacao Tea weighs aproximately 130g

    Ingredients: Shell of cacao beans, Cocoa nibs, Chocolate Mint leaves, Calendula and Marrow

    Enjoy the goodness of the cacao tea which has no calories, no added sugar and no caffeine but lots of antioxidants. The husk of the cacao beans is the highest plant based source of magenisum and also has a nice chocolate flavour

     Ensure to keep your cacao tea in a dry cool area.


    Put the loose cacao tea in a pitcher or container. Add cold water and leave in the refrigerator over night or for  8 to 10 hours

    Strain and pour in a glass of ice cubes or without and enjoy