• Oyin Okusanya

Taking inspiration from nature

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

All around us, there are abundance of blooms around this time. These lovely flower lollipops were made with the 3D Myku Form box.

My first time using a 3D formbox to create a unique lollipop mould. It was relatively easy to use. It is great for creating a quick prototype of a mould before making loads. First I searched on the type of digital design that I wanted on Thingiverse (check the terms and conditions) and I used the TinkerCad to create the flower mould.

The caster sheets are food safe and was used in creating the mould . The flower parts were then placed into the 3D Form box. The machine was preheated and after it turned green, the top part was lowered gently unto the flower parts.

A vacuum was on to suck out the air and the flower shape was formed. This was a wonderful success after a few mistakes.

The melted dark chocolate was poured into the flower lollipop moulds and allowed to set

It looks awesome and tastes delicious too. Dark chocolate lollipops sweetened with fruits

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