• Oyin Okusanya

Biodegradable Packaging

At Cocoa Social Enterprise CIC, our packaging has evolved over time. At first we were using plastic sleeves for our chocolate bars but was always keen on finding ways to be sustainable in our business.

We found a packaging company that produces biodegradable packaging that is made from cellulose.

The packaging is compostable gusseted bags made from 30mu crystal clear NatureFlex that is food safe and also derived from wood pulp.

It makes it easier for our customers to recycle the biodegradable packaging at home in their back garden.

Presently our dark vegan chocolate bars outer packaging is made from paper, while the inner sleeve is just home compostable customer friendly packaging.

Can you tell which one is plastic and which is biodegradable packaging in the picture?

Hint: The one with the sticker is the inner sleeve we now use.

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